The valley homes glaciers, volcanoes, lakes, anxieties and provides many awesome sights. It is also perfect for rock climbing, mountain cycling, traveling and trekking. The wildlife parks in the Great African Rift Valley are a wildlife lovers pleasure and has a distinct environment.

Yet another popular destination is the Samburu Game Reserve. The Reserve is located simply above the equator and covers a vast 325 km. It lies in the northern part of Nairobi and is a popular and considerable national forest in Kenya. The Reserve is renowned for its different and abundant plants and animals.

It is the home of many threatened types of birds, wildlife and lively people of Samburu. Uncommon animals like Reticulated Giraffe, Zebra, Gerenuk and Beisa Oryx can be identified in the reserve. The reserve also houses around 300 bird types. The jeep safaris used at the reserve is a fascinating experience.

The 2nd biggest freshwater lake on the planet is Lake Victoria. It extends over 67,483 square kilometers and is unique for its natural splendor, the abundant range of bird and fish population. A bird watchers and fishing lover's sanctuary, vibrant fish like Shoals and Nile Perch and birds like Bee-eaters, Swamp Flycatchers, Warblers and Sunbirds can be identified near the lake. Sundowns are fascinating, canoe trips are enthralling.

The Western Highlands are another tourist attraction of Kenya. It is the farming heartland of Kenya and lies to the north of the Great African Rift Valley. Splendid and spectacular mountain landscapes, rich green tea plantations and abundant plants and animals identify this area. Hill varies, valleys, waterfalls, lakes, and plains mesmerize the travelers to the area.

Kenya uses something to everybody, be it a nature lover, experience fan or wildlife lover. Kenya is a distinct mix of the old and brand-new since Kenya is an ancient Swahili nation and a cosmopolitan nation also. A check out to Kenya provides an abundant experience to a person since the nation invites everybody with varied offerings.

Many vacationers concerns Kenya and lease vacation lodging direct from their owners. By remaining in vacation homes and game lodges travelers can experience the real culture of Kenya.